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Installing a Home EV Charger

What you need to know.

This guide tells you everything you need to know about installing an electric vehicle charger in your home.

Learn about the different types of EV chargers you can buy, how fast they can charge your ride, and how easy they are to install.  Let's dive in!

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Did you know you could get up to $80,000 on 1% finance for an Electric Vehicle or Hybrid Vehicle, including a home EV charger?  Yep. That's right. It's probably how your neighbour did it.

Our blog post explains it all. "The Electric Wave: How Wellington is Plugging into the EV Revolution".

How to Choose an EV Charger

As electric vehicles (EVs) become more common, understanding the various charging options available is crucial. Charging an EV is not the same as filling up with petrol; it requires understanding the different types of chargers, how long they take, and how they might impact the battery life of your EV. With hundreds of EV chargers being added to the New Zealand road network all the time, it's getting even easier to travel in an EV!
Read on to understand different types of EV charging and the pros and cons. To save you some time, we have given an indicative star rating across 3 key simple categories.
  • Trickle Chargers

    Trickle chargers (Mode 2) are a portable cord-style charger that plug into a regular power outlet. This can often be a standard wall socket, a special 15A wall socket, or a ‘caravan’ outlet. These typically range from 1.4Kw to 3.7Kw in output.

    • Charging speed:  Very Slow. On average 20-50 hours to charge from 0% to full.

    • Cost: ★★★★★ Supplied free with a new EV and usually don't require an electrician to use.

    • Features: ★★ Small, portable, plug-and-play. Lowest impact on your vehicle's battery life. But, they lose points for having limited safety features.

  • Single Phase Wall Charger

    Single Phase (Mode 3) chargers are a wall mounted unit, installed on a dedicated circuit. These units typically range from 3.7Kw to 7.4Kw in output.

    • Charging speed: ★★ Moderate. On average 10-20 hours to charge from 0% to full. 

    • Cost: ★★★★ Typically cost between $2,000 - $3,500, including both the charger and installation.

    • Features:★★★ Multiple safety features to protect the user, vehicle and home. Longer to get up and running, as requires the help of an electrician.

  • Three Phase Wall Charger

    Three Phase (Mode 3) chargers use a wall mounted unit, installed on a dedicated circuit in a home with access to three phase electrical supply. These units typically range from 11Kw to 22Kw in output.

    • Charging speed: ★★★ Fast. On average 3.5-7 hours to charge from 0% to full.

    • Cost: ★★★ Typically cost between $2,500 - $5,000, including both the charger and installation. This assumes that 3-phase power is already available.

    • Features: ★★ Ideal for everyday use. Multiple safety features to protect the user, vehicle and home. Loses points because very few houses have 3-phase power.

  • Fast Charger

    Fast Chargers (Mode 4) use a wall or pillar mounted unit, typically found at a public charging station. These aren't suitable for installation in a residential home, however they are a great find during an EV road trip!

    • Charging speed: ★★★★★ Very Fast. On average only 1-3 hours to charge from 0% to 80%. Ultra fast charging stations can achieve the same in under 30 minutes.

    • Cost: Not available to install in a home, so no rating.

    • Features: ★★ Multiple safety features to protect the user and the vehicle. Loses points because frequent use causes damage to the vehicle’s battery and shortens its life.

Latest Developments in NZ

On 28 March 2024, the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) published an approved list of smart EV chargers recommended for residential and commercial use.

The approved list has been developed to help New Zealanders identify, and purchase, smart and efficient EV chargers. The new, internationally proven technology benefits both the user and the national electricity grid.

The EEC considered multiple factors before approving an EV Charger. This includes whether a charger is 'smart grid ready'. They say that in the near future, when a ‘demand flexibility’ service is introduced in New Zealand, smart EV chargers will be able to react to signals from the electricity grid and reduce the level of charge or turn off when electricity is expensive and ramp up or turn back on when costs reduce. You'll be able to opt out of this if you prefer, but it could mean you save big bucks on your power bill.

Wallbox EV Charger

The Wallbox Range

Wallbox Pulsar Max are a superb choice of Smart Charger for your home and are an EECA approved choice. With access to advanced energy management features, you can monitor the status of your charger and control it from anywhere via your smart devices. You can also save money, by scheduling your charging sessions when energy is cheapest.

Wallbox charges are created to give your electric vehicle a powerful smart charger in an incredibly small size. It is perfect for daily use at home. It fits any garage and is enhanced by multiple functions found on the myWallbox app. Read more on the Wallbox website.

Options available: 

  • 7.4kW Wallbox Pulsar Max unit in White

  • 7.4kW Wallbox Pulsar Max unit in Black

GoodWe HCA EV Charger

The GoodWe Range

GoodWe HCA EV Chargers provide a highly cost-effective and environmentally-friendly option for fast charging electric vehicles (EVs) at home. Their compact and lightweight design make it easy to install and maintain, making this a great choice.

These nifty chargers can also work together with your solar system, charging up your EV with entirely free power, or else straight from the grid. Read more about these awesome EV chargers on the GoodWe website.

Options available:

  • 7kW GoodWe EV Charger unit

  • 11kW (3 phase) GoodWe EV Charger unit

Schneider EVLink Charger

The Schneider EVLink Range

Schneider EVLink Home Chargers are the a simple, cost effective choice. With the rising demand for electric vehicles in New Zealand, Schneider Electric have released their new EVlink Home charger, specifically designed for residential use.

With built-in anti-tripping protection and optional peak controller, this unit is simple to install and easy on the budget. It's no smart charger, but the price is right for a low cost deal. Read more on the Schneider EVLink Home website.

Options available: 

  • 3.7kW Schneider EV Link Home unit

  • 7.4kW Schneider EV Link Home unit

  • 11kW (3 phase) Schneider EV Link Home unit

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